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1st time in world online shopping will be more fun

Introducing Shopglobbo
1st e-commerce portal powered by world's smallest and highest subscribed ICO (cryptocurrency) - 'Ethereal'  Shopglobbo comes up as a single one-stop portal that fulfills all your shopping needs to utility services with the pool of exciting benefits in the form of cashback and discounts that will enrich your hunger to explore more without getting financially stressed.
Best opportunity to enjoy your ripened fruit The only shopping website that lets you use your Ethereal and also earn them in hefty paybacks on amazing deals.
Utilise your digital asset in availing widely ranged products from top rated platforms and earn it back on the exciting payback deal. isn't it a deal of the lifetime.
Why Shopglobbo?An advantage of being an Ethereal backed e-commerce portal, the user can pay for their product in a combination of both - ethereal and fiat currency (USD, INR, EUR).Get Coupons for Retail, Food, & Health for everyday shoppingBook tickets for mov…

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