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Secure your future goals by moving out of the crowd

Work for Money or Make your money work for you:

we all are living and earning in our life to fulfill our present and future goals, but when confused with a lot of available options for investment which can secure and give maximum returns, we started following the crowd. it doesn't mean that we get wrong always but to get something beyond expectations then we need to act in the same way as well.

let's discuss our future goals which can be- A dream home, a new car, a perfect holiday destination, best retirement plan, child education, wealth management, medical emergency plans etc.

now let's see the available investment options which are the trend

1) Mutual funds:
  • trending the most since last 2 years
  • buying of funds/stocks in various listed companies from startup to blue chips
  • Risk - intermediate to High
  • returns - not fixed gain up to 18% but can lose too 
  • important to have a locking period for better returns
  • in many instances, financial risk is directly proportional to financial investment
  • 'Systematic investment plan' (monthly investment) a good option
2) Fixed Deposits:
  • Widely used investment option by people
  • The certain amount fixed for a span of time with the fixed rate of interest
  • Risk- very less or none
  • Returns - not a single penny more than the fixed rate of interest
  • the return amount with a fixed rate of interest is liable for taxation if more than a certain base price
  • More profits to bank rather than the account holder
3) Government Bonds:
  • Bonds are liquid and early redemption is easy
  • The interest paid on bonds or 'yield' is very low
  • Risk - usually very low as compared to equities
  • it can be vulnerable if govt. that issues them enter a fiscal crisis
  • long-term returns lower than riskier assets like equities
  • can be a good diversifier
4) Stock market/Derivatives:
  • Need a very good knowledge about market includes technical and fundamental analysis about stocks
  • Risk - very high as the market is highly volatile
  • great returns in short-term
  • The right of voting and dividends paid by companies 
apart from above 4 most trending investment elements, there are many more options with a positive and negative part.

But why not to invest in something which is not only going to be The part of all global future transactions but also fulfills your future goals with security.

Cryptocurrencies: The Future of Global Transactions

Yes, you heard it right cryptocurrencies are the future and is going to be widely used the digital asset for all the future transactions.
Just because they are secured, widely accepted in the world, high returns and filled with future technology of end to end encryption that defines its security and purpose.

For Beginners:

As the name suggests, the term cryptocurrency is a combination of the words 'crypto' and 'currency'. We all get the 'currency' part. But what is this fancy sounding word 'crypto'? The word crypto comes from the fact that most of the cryptocurrencies, use cryptography principles for generation, transfers etc. Cryptography is a branch of computer science that deals with encryption, decryption, passwords, and all that secret and safety stuff!

There a ton of properties associated with cryptocurrencies.

In simple words are digital, decentralized currencies, that rely upon cryptographic principles for generation, distribution, transferring etc

  • It has the massive potential of returns
  • since risk involved is high it is capable to give higher returns in very less span of time when compared to all other financial instruments
  • Cryptocurrency investors can liquidate instantly for ether or dollars
  • A clear direction of execution
  • Risk - more volatile in comparison to other instruments
  • chance of potential shortage of resources and network that can be a big risk
Now, if you are confused with best cryptocurrency options with less risk factor than let me tell you from a detailed research that there are few best cryptocurrency options whereby investing less or a certain amount you can earn a good return and which is running on most advanced technology with a clear-cut roadmap.

we will discuss one of it here on the basis of its choice by investors or which is currently most popular.

Ethereal: The Future of Decentralised Cryptocurrency

Ethereal is a unique blockchain platform designed to increase network security and improves the limitations and functionality of initial cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin/ Ethereum. Ethereal is an open source, peer-to-peer, community-driven decentralized cryptocurrency that allows people to store and invest their wealth in a non-government controlled currency

Why chosen over others:

  • Lower fees - Smallest ICO of the globe

With the total supply of 30 million out of which 20 million tokens are offered in ICO and pre-ICO stage with 10% bonus to investors.
    Current pricing: 0.75 USD
      ICO Start date: March 01, 2018
        ICO End date: April 30, 2018

        The Price at which the ICO will End is going to be: 3 USD

        • Faster transactions
        • most advanced technology with the clear-cut roadmap
        • most secure against malware attacks and phishing
        • Decentralised- transactions performed directly between users
        • Most stable cryptocurrency

        You like Experiments: You will get your samples Here

        Ethereal is giving 3 free Ethereal coins to every single user just for registering on their portal and downloading the app- Airdrop
        you can earn more on your every Referral Signups as well.
         For the brief of procedure refer the previous article: feel the power of investment with no investment

        Want to know more about them, follow the below links:

        Website/Whitepaper: http://theethereal.info/
        Play store/ ios Application: Airdrop
        Facebook: coinethereal


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